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Friends for a Better Buffalo 

plans to honor unsung heroes in education

Our organization simply consist of a group of Western New Yorkers who take pride in their region and innovatively work together to establish and promote positive events that highlight and strengthen our community. 

Since 2015, Friends for a Better Buffalo has been a staple in the City of Buffalo sharing  goodwill across the globe by merely assisting people that need help.



Friends are people who love, care and help one another. Friends for a Better Buffalo (F.F.A.B.B.), a 501(c)3 organization, has captured these sentiments and made it our mission!  Friends aim to unite businesses, non-profit organizations, corporations, governmental leaders and concerned citizens for the purpose of uplifting our community and presenting various charitable events throughout the year. Our projects and events are designed to shed light on our community unsung heroes, businesses and organizations that perform charitable good works and humanitarian efforts. FFABB strive to unite different organizations and people that have common goals so that ideas and dreams won’t be lost, but can be achieved by assisting one another regardless of race, gender, religion and socioeconomic status. That’s what friends do!